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FRP Cover Grating

Brand : Strongrate

Product origin : Jiangsu,China

Delivery time : 20GP 1 week/ 40GP 2 weeks

Supply capacity : 2-4 containers per month

Cover Grating

Many applications require solid flooring for a variety of reasons, such as odor control in a wastewater plant, an offshore drilling mud room, or possibly for safety reasons to prevent small objects from falling through the floor to the level below. For these instances, we have two solutions: Structural Plate and Covered Plate Grating.

Checkered-top finish                       Gritted-top finish                            Smooth-top finish

Structural Plates are offered in thicknesses ranging from 3mm to 12.7mm, and three choices of plate surfaces are available: checkered-top finish, gritted-top finish, or smooth-top finish. Thicker plates can be custom ordered. Our plate is offered in all of the same resin systems as our high strength compression molded grating products and provide the same corrosion resistance features.

Our plate can be bonded to our high strength compression molded grating, creating structural flooring that is 25-30% stronger than our standard high strength compression molded grating.Our covered plate grating offers all of the attributes as our plate, but with much higher load capacity. The standard thickness of the plate utilized in the covered plate grating is 3mm, however, customized thicker plates can be incorporated.

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